I'll Tell You A Tale


PROGRAM TYPE:  General Audiences, Children's Audiences/Educational


Stories are for everyone, young & old; tall & short . . . you get the idea!  The art of storytelling is as old as the human race, and has been used for generations to pass along tradition, values, and culture.  Diane's stories come from different places and times, and she often creates a blend of instruments and sound with the spoken word to give them texture and a vibrant presentation.  She also brings her years of theater experience to bear to create characters that come alive.  Her voice is as varied and dynamic with narration as it is with song.

And speaking of song . . . songs are stories, too.  While Diane's storytelling programs are heavy on the spoken word, she slips some songs in here and there . . . especially if there is a good story behind them.   


Telling the story, Ko Kongele, at a concert in the spring of 2011.  I love to use instruments to bring a story to life, like my African Talking Drum.  You can't see the shaker I'm wearing on my ankle, or the rainsticks that the audience gets to play . . . so you'll just have to come see a concert in person!


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Diane's new single, an original, finger-style guitar tune, "Afternoon By A Stream," is out now on iTunes!

You can also purchase a download directly through CD Baby on Diane's SHOP page.


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