Reviews for the original 1994 version of, MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO 'ROUND.

“The kids were spellbound! This was a great opportunity for everyone in the audience. Wow! Diane’s presentation was extra special. I appreciated the excellent way she handled the sing-a-longs and encouraged the children to participate. Diane worked very well with our interpreter for the hearing impaired. They worked together as a team!” COLUMBUS PUBLIC LIBRARY - Columbus, WI

“The children were very responsive. One story in particular . . . had the kids spellbound.” WAUNAKEE LIBRARY - Waunakee, WI

“Diane is very talented. A beautiful singing and speaking voice . . . Instruments were very unusual and attention grabbers . . . High quality act . . . Insisted that children participate, and they did! Educational as well as highly entertaining.” VERONA LIBRARY – Verona, WI

“We were all amazed at the variety of instruments and her ability to play them! What a delightful, talented lady!” STOUGHTON PUBLIC LIBRARY – Stoughton, WI

“The children were very responsive to her presentation and enjoyed the variety of music and stories she told. Many stayed after the conclusion of the program to ask questions about the instruments, etc. Some of the adults planned to recommend Diane to the music department at the local school.” RIO PUBLIC LIBRARY – Rio, WI

“Diane has a very lovely voice and talent with many instruments. Songs were appropriate for grade school children. The children enjoyed seeing unusual instruments . . . because of the small group, they were able to participate in the hands on activities.” PORTAGE LIBRARY – Portage, WI

“Diane is an incredible musician. Her presentation is professional and her rapport with the kids is good.” OREGON PUBLIC LIBRARY – Oregon, WI

“The migrant children thoroughly enjoyed Diane and all her musical instruments. Diane worked very hard to present a very entertaining program.” CAMBRIA PUBLIC LIBRARY – Cambria, WI

ADDITIONAL REVIEWS “The performance of Diane Michaels’ ‘Music Makes The World Go ‘Round,’ was a hit at the Sturm Memorial Library, in Manawa, Wisconsin. Ms. Michaels and her daughter had a wide variety of instruments from all over the world that they played for the audience. It was as interesting as it was diverse and the adults in the audience were as captivated as the kids. The Australian Didgeridoo, the Peruvian Pan Pipes, and the Caribbean Steel Pan drum were among the favorites of the audience. The display of instruments was impressive, and Ms. Michaels willingness to let audience members participate was appreciated. Both the elementary and high school band teachers were in the audience and they both told me personally how much they enjoyed the show and were impressed with Ms. Michaels’ talent. This is definitely a show worth booking again . . .” AUGUST 1999

“ . . . Many, many thanks for your beautiful performance of ‘Music Makes the World Go ‘Round,’ at the Sun Prairie Public Library, in October. We had many laudatory comments from audience members, and I know that the children especially enjoyed the songs and the opportunity afterwards to play some of the instruments. We appreciate the hard work put into your program (by you, your daughter, your parents), and love your and Carmen’s artistry. Thanks again for the fantastic performance!” SUN PRAIRIE PUBLIC LIBRARY – Sun Prairie, WI

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your program at Baraboo this summer. Your ability to perform on such a wide range of instruments is astonishing. The children appreciated the background information you gave them on each of the instruments. Music and the playing of instruments from other countries is an excellent way to help children appreciate cultural diversity . . . You have a wonderful ability to work with children, and there, an extremely large audience of mixed ages. That is a difficult group to manage for any performer, but you had their absolute attention. Congratulations on an excellent program.” Barbara Huntington – February 2, 2000 Youth/Special Needs Consultant South Central Library System – Madison, WI

“That was great,” “I liked the didgeridoo best,” “One of the best programs ever,” were some of the comments shared following “Music Makes the World Go ‘Round.” Diane and her daughter, Carmen, drew the audience into their music as they shared songs and music from around the world. The variety of instruments presented was amazing. We highly recommend ‘Music Makes The World Go ‘Round.’ Miriam Thompson – July 1999 Youth Services Librarian Baraboo Public Library – Baraboo, WI

“I love your music, your voice – you have a way. I can certainly tell you love what you’re doing. Your eyes sparkled when I listened to your at Rosemary School. Thanks again for your most enjoyable entertainment.”  Parent In Attendance Rosemary School Fredonia, WI


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