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Hi Diane: Just discovered your website and amazed at what you have been doing. Have been trying to buy a couple of your CD's but not having much luck. Will keep trying though and hopefully something will work out. It's wonderful what you have done and thank you for your letters over the Holidays. I appreciate hearing what is going on in the family. Please send me your own e-mail address so I can keep in touch. Love you, Aunt Audrey

I loved loooking at all the pictures in the photo gallery. Enjoyed your christmas letter as always. I'm going to pass it on to Amy so she knows what you are up to and let her know about your website. All my best to your family--stay well and happy! Ava

Hi there! Your music is awesome!!! Got your website from a mutual friend on facebook. You are so talented!!! I never knew you could play all of those instruments!!

What a great site and how talented and beautiful you both are. I wish you both the very best.

What a wonderful way to tour the world! You're an inspiration to me.

I loved perusing your site... nice job Diane! :)

I suppose you think that I am going to say you did a great job in putting your site together, or that I have really enjoyed snooping through all of the nooks and crannies and old photos and instruments, etc.; but I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of my adulation and admiration for all the neat and cool stuff you've done over the years. Maybe if you had put that cool bike shot of you and Michael on the beach in Calif., maybe then I would say something, but there is no way, baby, that I am going to make any comment at all!! love ya! Joe

Hi Aunt Diane I love your website! You are so accomplished! Years and years of singing. Carmen was so lucky to have you to sing her to sleep. :) Just wanted to say "HI." My mom is flying here today for the week. She always keeps me updated on how you're doing. Love, Jen


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