The stage is set for a small venue Family Concert.
Evening concerts can be adapted for venues of many sizes,
and many different occasions!


PROGRAM LENGTH: Choice Of 1 or 2 Hour Show
PROGRAM TYPE: Vocal/Instrumental/Storytelling

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Diane's Family Concerts are an event for all ages. There is something for everyone with a repertoire that includes; traditional and contemporary folk, exotic instruments from all over the world, popular music from the 1920's to the present, country, swing, Diane's original songs, and storytelling. Reminiscent of the TV variety shows of the past, this is a concert that is as changeable and unpredictable as the weather.

As a seasoned performer with more than 30 years of experience, Diane has shared her unique style with audiences all over the United States and abroad. Her programs are a delightful blend of sight and sound. She accompanies her vocals with the guitar, folk harp, banjo, and mountain dulcimer. Her instrumental menagerie also includes the Aboriginal Didgeridoo, Caribbean Steel Pan, African Talking Drum, Native American Courting Flute and more!


* A large performing space is preferred due to the number of instruments on stage.

* Diane can provide sound reinforcement for audiences up to 200. A minimum of three hours is needed for sound set-up. It is important to have no other activities in the performing space during set up and sound check.

* Lighting must be provided by performance venue if needed.

* If house sound is being provided, artist requests advance contact to notify venue of specific sound needs.

* Artist prefers indoor venues because of the number of acoustic instruments in the program. Outdoor shows MUST be under cover with no extremes in temperature, high wind or moisture issues, with an alternative indoor site available in the event of adverse weather conditions.


Be sure to book early for your event!


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New Release

Diane's new single, an original, finger-style guitar tune, "Afternoon By A Stream," is out now on iTunes!

You can also purchase a download directly through CD Baby on Diane's SHOP page.


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