In January of 2006, Diane and Carmen presented a full day residency program that emphasized multi-cultural music and storytelling, at Gordon L. Willson Elementary School, in Baraboo, WI. Following are reviews and comments from teachers and staff.
I thought it was an excellent program. Very age appropriate and it totally engaged my students.
I appreciated the wide variety of songs and stories. She kept the primary kids interested. She knew how to play and sing well. Her daughter was a terrific addition to the program. Thanks to all who paid for this wonderful event!
Excellent! A real bonus, especially for our kids who never get to go to any enrichment events with their families.
I think that this presentation was wonderful. Both performers had such enthusiasm, which spread to the students and staff. They are very talented. I love the CD that I bought from them. I’d be glad to share.
I was able to attend one of Diane’s afternoon classes, as it fell during one of my scheduled computer times, which my class was attending. What a wonderful presentation by both Diane and her daughter, Carmen. Her love for music and the diversity of instruments she is able to play is just amazing. Explaining the background of each instrument, (i.e. its origin, etc.) kept the children, along with myself, hanging on her every word. What an excellent experience for all the students, and staff too.
I thought both sessions were wonderful. I also appreciated how they responded to EVERY child’s questions, making each child feel important.
Excellent! Good rapport with the students.
FANTASTIC. Sooooo worth the money. Thank you, WWPA.
It was well done and truly interesting. I personally really enjoyed the African story with the accent she used. The instruments were wonderful and the music produced, educating and entertaining.


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