Diane Michaels is a performer who is both conscientious and charming, the audiences are dazzled by her voice and versatility.

A wonderfully diverse performance . . . kind of like the weather in Wisconsin . . . always changing. If you don't love a particular number, stick around, you're bound to love the next one. Ms. Michaels has an incredible voice, one that's capable of embracing each of her stylistic shifts.

Your creativity . . . musically and storywise . . . is extraordinary.

You kept going from good, to better, to best.

The lady is a dreamweaver.

All superlatives apply!!!

Diane's music brings joy to folks of all ages, whether two or ninety-two. Our audiences love her.

Diane Michaels has come for to sing in the best of all folk traditions.

An extraordinarily beautiful performance. Ms. Michaels is a very talented artist.

Miss Diane Michaels, Great voice. Great artist.

Our motto you sing: 'Heart Speaks To Heart.'

Excellent Job! Beautiful Music! Very Talented!

Awesome! Inspiring! Fun!

You were terrific! I loved all the different instruments.


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New Release

Diane's new single, an original, finger-style guitar tune, "Afternoon By A Stream," is out now on iTunes!

You can also purchase a download directly through CD Baby on Diane's SHOP page.


An image of a young boy wading in a shallow stream surrounded by moss-covered, sandstone cliffs